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The Georgia Charitable Care Network is the only statewide organization whose mission is solely focused on the needs of charitable and free clinics, individual providers and the populations they serve.

As a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization, GCCN receives generous support from the corporate community and many private foundations. We are continually seeking grant funding to finance our many activities and programs. However, the heart and soul of our funding must come from the individual memberships of those we represent. Dues range from a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $750, based on the operating budget of the provider.

Please join the Network–your support will go a long way to assist us in continuing to help you and the other clinics on the front line each day caring for patients who have nowhere else to turn.

The GCCN Focus:

  • Unifying clinics serving Georgia’s vulnerable population through advocacy, technical assistance and networking opportunities
  • Development, implementation and replication of data gathering resources regarding low income vulnerable populations
  • Strengthening the infrastructure to serve GCCN membership and their patients
  • Assisting in the development of services in areas of highest unmet need

Who Can Be a Member?

Members of GCCN are health care organizations or providers who provide care to the uninsured or underinsured. This includes free clinics, sliding-scale and donation-based clinics, and other providers that work with the uninsured.

Membership Information
Clinic Membership Application

GCCN Programming

Advocacy & Communications

The Network plays a vital role in advocating for state policies and regulations to support charitable care providers. By empowering GCCN to be their “voice” in the legislative and regulatory arenas, members can address state public policy needs, guide consensus and work through GCCN to can find real solutions and advance the cause.  In order to maintain regular communication with members, GCCN sends the bi-weekly e-GCCNetwork News briefing and keeps members informed on timely issues as needed.

Annual Conference & Clinic Directors’ Retreat

GCCN holds its statewide Annual Conference in the Spring each year. A number of national, state and local health care and policy leaders present their best-practices and additionally, this is a time of learning, networking, and problem-solving. A retreat is held in the Fall for clinic leadership. Workshops and monthly conference calls are also an opportunity to learn and network.

Technical Assistance Programming

GCCN launched their new Technical Assistance Program in 2008 for the purpose of strengthening and sustaining clinics’ capacities to fulfill their missions in the areas of sustainability, volunteer recruitment and training, grant writing, board development and program evaluation. Through a combination of workshops, individual consultations, site visits, and webinars, top consultants from the various T.A. fields guide members to improve their organizational effectiveness in order to strengthen infrastructure and better achieve their missions.

Data Collection

GCCN established and coordinates an electronic medical records system that serves the needs of clinics, as well as providing unprecedented data at the state level. The program allows for the capture of demographic data, patient morbidity, utilization, health status, and the savings to the community and state with the services provided by the clinics. This information is used by the clinics to increase efficiency and effectiveness in their health delivery services, and by GCCN to help tell the story of the uninsured.

Specialty Care Initiative

GCCN created the Specialty Care Initiative, a referral system where specialty physicians and facilities are linked with patients whose eligibility for service has been pre-determined by the clinic.  Over 350 patients have received needed surgeries and procedures at no cost to them.


GCCN partners and collaborates with organizations that provide assistance and resources to free and charitable providers.