clinicmap_2014ABOUT GCCN CLINICS

  • 94% provide primary care medical services
  • 46% provide dental services
  • 46% provide vision services
  • 86% provide prescription assistance
  • 83% provide health education
  • 34% provide mental health services
  • 63% accept no payment of any kind for services. If a fee is charged, it can vary from $5-$75.
  • A clinic’s primary source of funding is individuals and private foundations.
  • The average operating budget for a clinic is $175,000.
  • The average number of hours per week a clinic is open: 20.
  • The average number of volunteer hours given a year per clinic is 4,200.
  • In 2011, there was an average 25% increase in demand for services.
  • 65% of the providers in Georgia have a religious affiliation.


  • The uninsured in 90 of Georgia’s 159 counties have access to a charity clinic.
  • 80% of patients have one or more chronic illnesses requiring extensive and ongoing medical care, care coordination, and patient education. The most common diagnosis is hypertension, followed by diabetes.
  • 90% of the patients treated are aged 18-64 years.
  • Most patients are employed, sometimes holding more than one job.
  • At an average clinic, the percentage of patients who are: White-40%; African-American-41%; Latino-16%
  • 0.5% of the patients served in charitable clinics are undocumented immigrants. 62% of patients served are 100% FPL.